2023, June 8-9 | Bergamo, Italy

The benefits, advantages and how-tos of going meshless

The conference offers participants the opportunity to learn from industrial case studies, find out about the latest software updates, receive training on advanced challenges, and meet with simulation experts from Particleworks Europe and Prometech Software Inc.


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What is Particleworks?
Meshfree liquid flow simulation software

Particleworks is a CAE software for the simulation of liquid flows based on the Moving Particle Simulation method.

Particleworks is a CAE software for the simulation of liquid flows based on the Moving Particle Simulation method.

The mesh-less solver and the intuitive interface make the simulation process simple and fast even for complex geometries with moving parts, like gears and shafts in a complete transmission or in an engine.
The Navier-Stokes solver is based on a deterministic Lagrangian method.

Particleworks is widely used in different industrial sectors, from automotive and aerospace to consumer goods, from power generation to the Food & Beverage industry.

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Hewland Engineering shares their views on the mesh free CFD solution Particleworks and working with EnginSoft UK Ltd.
“Typically we would go from CAD to test in around ten to twelve weeks . With Particleworks we can do that in three days”

Who We Are
The European distribution network of Particleworks

Particleworks Europe is the European competence center for the Particleworks and Granuleworks technologies.

We support distributors and assist customers who require help for applications, verticalization, dedicated developments or integration into their IT systems.

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Our commitment to quality.


Whether it is a guidance on the most efficient use of software, a…

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Particleworks Europe offers a variety of training to help you realize…

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A collection of white papers, case examples, technical papers and…

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Technical Support

Our commitment to quality is evident: whether you are new to…

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Case studies

Case studies in different industrial sectors.

Estimation of cycle average convective heat transfer coefficient on the underside of a racing piston for different layouts of oil jets

Gaspare Argento, Ducati Motor Holding - Ducati Corse Division

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Testing ParticleWorks coupled with Recurdyn to simulate water behavior in water technology products

Chiaki Miyazawa, LIXIL Corporation | Akiko Kondoh, Prometech Software

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Simulating fire extinguishing equipment for historical buildings with Particleworks and Granuleworks

Sunao Tokura, Shun Fujimoto and Akiko Kondoh, Prometech Software, Inc.

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Thermal Optimisation of e-Drives Using Moving Particle Semi-implicit (MPS) Method

Luca Martinelli, Matt Hole, Drive System Design Ltd | Davide Pesenti, Massimo Galbiati, EnginSoft

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