Germany, Frankfurt | 2024, September 25-26

Call for abstract

Call for abstract is now open!

The Particleworks experience welcomes papers for the sessions, that highlight the use of meshless approaches to solve heat and liquid engineering challenges with engineering simulation.

Submit a presentation synopsis that provides leading insights, illustrates success stories, or showcases the approaches adopted to embrace and overcome engineering challenges, for your chance to present to an audience of fellow professionals.

All presentation synopses must be submitted for consideration by 2024, April 30.

Presentation synopses should contain:

  • the presentation’s title
  • a 10-line description of the presentation
  • the presenter’s name and photograph with a two-line biography
  • images related to the technology application or the simulation
  • the presenter’s organization and its contact details (company name, address, telephone number and email address).

Successful applicants will be informed by the organizers no later than 2024, May 6.

The final presentation must be submitted no later than 2024, September 6.


By submitting their article, abstract or paper, both using the on-line system and/or by other means, the authors explicitly allow Particleworks Europe to publish their work for an undetermined period of time on web sites and to disseminate it through media of any kind, with the only limit being that the medium and context do not negatively affect the authors' image and professionalism. Conference presentations might be recorded.
As participants in the "Particleworks experience" conference, the author(s) declare to have been duly informed under section 13 of Italian law 196/2003 on the protection of personal data and in accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) no. 679/2016, and they hereby AUTHORIZE Particleworks Europe Srl to the processing of their personal data, including any video and photo images taken during the activities of the conference or related events and activities, with the understanding that such video and photo images shall be used solely for promotional purposes.


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