Germany, Frankfurt | 2024, September 25-26

Conference Schedule

September 25, 2024


14.00 – 17.30

During the conference’s first day, Particleworks Europe experts will discuss advanced simulation topics and provide practical advice on configuring Particleworks models for various complex phenomena, including: 2-phase gaseous-liquid flow, heat transfer in steady-state and unsteady state, Multi-resolution simulations and more.

The workshops are designed to help Particleworks users or potential users build models, define appropriate boundary conditions, and optimize settings to guarantee numerical stability and minimize computational time.

The workshops will highlight new features and modelling capabilities of Particleworks.

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September 26, 2024

Industrial presentations

9.00 – 17.15

The second day of the conference will begin with a keynote address by Professor Koshizuka from the University of Tokyo. Professor Koshizuka, renowned as the creator of the Moving Particle Simulation method (MPS), will discuss the evolution of MPS in comparison to Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH). Additionally, he will share insights on the collaborative relationship among MPS users, vendors, and universities.

The conference will proceed with Prometech's presentation on the latest versions of Particleworks and Granuleworks and their roadmap for future development.

The use cases will span various topics across different industrial sectors, ranging from turbomachinery to food & beverage, electric powertrain to hydropower, and bearings to machining tools. The speakers will provide insights into cutting-edge applications of meshless CFD and elaborate on how their companies leverage Particleworks digital models for tangible benefits.

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