Who We Are

Particleworks Europe is a Joint Venture between Prometech Software Inc. and EnginSoft S.p.A.

The JV aims to establish, promote and manage the European distribution of Particleworks and of Granuleworks.

In addition to and to supporting and enhancing this network, Particleworks Europe will also more specifically constitute the European competence center for these technologies, both to support distributors and to assist customers.

Particleworks Europe will also aggregate the needs and requirements of target customers to ensure their rational inclusion in the development roadmap of the related software technologies


Particleworks Europe aims to establish and manage the European distribution network of the software technologies Particleworks and Granuleworks based on the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS).
Particleworks Europe is the European competence center for these technologies


We deliver high quality support to distributors and customers for the industrial application of advanced simulation techniques.

The team

Massimo Galbiati

Co-founder and CEO
of Particleworks Europe

Gianluca Parma

Technical product manager
Know-how engineer lubrication, bearings and piston cooling.

Hasan Avsar

Application engineer
Know-how engineer lubrication and highly viscous flows.

Michele Merelli

Pre-sale and post-sale manager
Know-how engineer e-motors cooling, consumer products.

Riccardo Sala

Application engineer
Know-how lubrication and powder simulations.