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WEBINAR: Particle simulation and the GPU-computing explosion

Particle simulation and the GPU-computing explosion

Speaker: Michele Merelli - EnginSoft

Particle simulation methods use inherently parallelizable algorithms. Because of that, they can leverage recent advances in hardware with Graphic Computing Units (GPUs). On the software side, developments like multi-resolution allow particle simulations to provide engineering insights earlier in the design phase. In this keynote, we will discuss how, in our increasingly digital world, engineering is leveraging faster and simpler simulations thanks to mesh-less Computation Fluid Dynamics tools.

WEBINAR: Fuel tank sloshing in advanced motorsport

Fuel tank sloshing in advanced motorsport: Dallara digital model with Particleworks

Speakers: Giuseppe Usai, Massimo Stellato - Dallara, Michele Merelli - EnginSoft

The highly competitive nature of motorsports drives designers to seek even the slightest advantage over their rivals. One potential area for improvement lies in reducing fuel sloshing and optimizing fuel extraction from the tank. In this regard, a new approach to fuel tank optimization is proposed, aiming to streamline the workflow by significantly reducing computational time compared to traditional finite volume method (FVM) computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools. Additionally, the proposed approach explores the use of free solid bodies within the tank to mitigate fuel sloshing.

WEBINAR: Particleworks Thermal Simulations

Tool cooling and temperatures in CNC and milling processes

Speakers: Massimo Galbiati, Michele Merelli

Want to predict temperature or jet-cooling efficiency in milling processes?
Join us and learn about the importance of mesh-less simulation in the industry! With Particleworks, you can handle both fluid and thermal simulations in solid materials with ease, giving you a comprehensive and accurate picture of your tool design. And that's why it is an increasingly popular choice in the industry.

WEBINAR: Particleworks Thermal Capabilities

Predicting gearbox / emotor temperature distribution in Particleworks

Speakers: Massimo Galbiati, Michele Merelli

In this video, we will present a short introduction on the thermal capabilities of Particleworks. A gearbox example is also discussed.

WEBINAR: Analyzing the process of filling a flexible pouch by coupling multi-flexible-body dynamics and particle-based CFD simulation

Flexible pouch filling and other F&B simulations

Speakers: Massimo Galbiati, Michele Merelli

In this webinar, we discuss how Coesia partnered with EnginSoft and the University of Trento’s Department of Industrial Engineering to digitally investigate and simulate the formation and filling of a stand-up pouch packaging machine (Doypack®). The approach combined mesh-less fluid dynamic (Particleworks) with a multibody software (RecurDyn) to achieve a fluid-structure fully coupled simulation.

WEBINAR: Digital prototyping of electric vehicle transmissions and e-motors: a mesh-less simulation Improving the lubrication and the cooling of e-axles coupled with e-motors for the next generation of electric vehicles

e-Motor cooling: Ricardo, TotalEnergies and NIDEC-PSA validations

Speakers: Massimo Galbiati, Michele Merelli

In the webinar, we will discuss how a mesh-less approach (based on Moving Particle Simulation) is key for fast thermal and fluid dynamic improvements of e-axles.

WEBINAR: Simulation of hydraulic losses of a single-speed transmission in an Electric-Drive-Unit using Particleworks

RWTH Aachen and Particleworks: churning losses prediction

Speakers: Tobias Moll (Institute for combustion engines – RWTH Aachen University), Simon Harbeke (EnginSoft GmbH)

In this webinar EnginSoft welcomed Tobias Moll, research assistant from the Institute for combustion engines at RWTH Aachen University. He provided us with industry insights about the role of simulation for efficiency, lubrication and heat management for transmissions with Integrated electrical machines.

WEBINAR: Water spray parameters optimization using 3D CFD Particle Simulation for an automotive anti-aquaplaning system

Solving aquaplaning with simulation: the EasyRain experience

Speakers: Paolo Alberto Fina, Silvestru Chiriches (Easyrain) and Michele Merelli (Particleworks Europe)

In this application, the objective is to study the effects of the jet against a puddle of water, simulating the conditions of aquaplaning during normal driving conditions. The role of the simulations is to eventually use the model for a best-case solution in a new vehicle application.

WEBINAR: Automatic Particleworks simulations to screen thousands of lubrication solution

Python and Particleworks: automating every aspect of the simulation

Speaker: Michele Merelli

WEBINAR: Simulation of Oil Management for Transmissions using MPS

Simulation of Oil Management for Transmissions using MPS

Speakers: Simon Harbeke (EnginSoft GmbH), Mattia Porchetta (TREMEC)

The Moving Particle Simulation is an efficient meshless CFD method to simulate sloshing, free-surface flows and liquid jets. In this webinar EnginSoft welcomed Mattia Porchetta, oil management engineer from Tremec in Belgium. He provided us with industry insights about the role of simulation on how to improve the oil management in transmissions for high performance applications.

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