Granuleworks: granular flow simulation

Mesh-less Discrete Element Method simulation

Granuleworks is a cutting-edge Discrete Element Method (DEM) solver designed to meticulously unravel Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion, specifically tailored for the simulation of bulk solids and powders.

One software for MPS and DEM

Installed with Particleworks, Granuleworks is an additional solver but its familiar interface ensures a smooth transition for those already acquainted with Particleworks. Granuleworks revolutionizes the study and analysis of granular materials, spanning from powders to snow and rigid spheres.

Fast, easy and GPU-accelerated simulations

Granuleworks shares the core solver of Particleworks, offering fast and easy setup for a range of granular materials like powders and hard spheres. Its mesh-less approach simplifies simulations directly within CAD, accommodating complex geometries and moving parts effortlessly. With GPU-accelerated results, multi-GPU acceleration is achievable for faster simulations.

Key Features

  • Powder and solid particle analysis
  • User-defined granulometry of powders
  • Advanced molecular forces models (Van der Waals, Rolling resistance,etc.)
  • Scalable DEM (SDEM)
  • Multiphysics capabilities with Finite Volume solver for air and thermal simulations
  • Flexible body coupling with RecurDyn
Granular flow prediction of angle of repouse for different powders
Powder compression simulation performed with Granuleworks

Material properties

Granuleworks lets users define powders with different granulometry and physical properties, allowing for the following input details:

  • Bulk density, angle of repose, and flowability for precise analysis
  • Particle Compression Model for compression and strained powder compact
  • SDEM is tailored for fine particle simulations, offering scalability and precision in powder simulations
  • Diameter Diversity: Define multiple particle diameters, enabling a nuanced and comprehensive simulation
  • Adhesion Model to simulate adhesion phenomena within granular materials

Multi-phase and flexible bodies

Not only DEM. Granuleworks can be coupled in different ways, to achieve multi-physics simulations integrating:

  • Fluid and powder mixers (MPS Particleworks)
  • Airflow, by Coupling CFD pre-calculated results or simulating gas phase in a coupled way (FVM/LBM-DEM)
  • SDEM is tailored for fine particle simulations, offering scalability and precision in powder simulations.
  • Flexible Body-DEM Coupling: Seamlessly integrate Recurdyn with Granuleworks for flexible body dynamics combined with DEM simulations
Powder transport with air: multiphase simulation of granular flow simulation method Granuleworks
Powder heating simulation with mesh-less Granuleworks

Oil aeration and thermal simulations

Temperature evolution in powders

  • Thermal Conduction Model: Analyze thermal behaviors and conduction within granular substances



  1. What is Granuleworks and how does it leverage Discrete Element Method (DEM) for granular flow simulation?

    Granuleworks is advanced simulation software utilizing the Discrete Element Method (DEM) to simulate granular behaviors like mixing, conveying, and filling at high speeds. This powerful tool visualizes and evaluates granular conditions in various processes, offering efficiency and accuracy in engineering simulations.

  2. What are the main features of Granuleworks for granular flow simulation?

    Granuleworks provides a mesh-less simulation approach and an intuitive GUI Its granular solver, based on DEM, enables conjugate heat transfer simulations between fluids and structures. The software also supports multiphysics simulations integrating airflows. It also implements Coarse-graining technology (SDEM) to reduce running time and is suitable for high-speed GPU computing.

  3. Where is granular flow simulation applied?

    Granuleworks, based on the granular flow simulation finds applications like fluid-powder mixing, mining ore conveying, separators for plastic recycling and concrete mixers.

  4. How Granuleworks integrates with Particleworks?

    Granuleworks shares the same Graphic User Interface with Particleworks. Together, they enable more complex simulations, such as granular-fluid mixing and stirring, air transport of powders and complex fluid modelling.