Oil Path Prediction and Optimization for High Speed Transmissions with ParticleWorks

Elisabetta Fava, Comer Industries

Speech presented at the International CAE Conference and Exhibition 2018 - Automotive Session

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The oil flow prediction has always been a challenge for the designer. Being able to predict the path followed by the oil inside a transmission before the functional tests is not easy, especially for transmissions working in wide ranges of speed and temperature, but it would give great advantages.
In particular, it would allow to shape properly the housings geometry, to define the most suitable oil level and to estimate whether the temperature can reach dangerous levels, minimizing the development costs and time and increasing the compliance with the customer requirements since the first prototypes.

This is even truer when a transmission for high speeds is considered since the high speed introduces different behaviors of the oil and more attention on the oil quantity is required to minimize the power losses. A case study of a high speed transmission has been developed and simulated with ParticleWorks in order to predict the oil path at different speed levels and optimize the housing geometries to guarantee the lubrication of all the components with the lowest oil level.

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