Thermal Optimisation of e-Drives Using Moving Particle Semi-implicit (MPS) Method

Luca Martinelli and Matt Hole, Drive System Design Ltd | Davide Pesenti and Massimo Galbiati, EnginSoft

Newsletter EnginSoft Year 15 n°3 - 33

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A novel technique to model the temperature of windings in oil cooled e-machines has been developed. It aims to reduce the time taken to generate and solve thermal models by using a combination of particle based fluid modelling and steady state finite element (FE) thermal modelling. The fluid model is used to generate a heat transfer coefficient (HTC) map for the complex, multi-phase flow, which is applied to a finite element FE model of the e-machine. This would allow thermal modelling to take place at a concept design stage where rapid design iterations are required.

By using this combined modelling approach, it was shown that it is possible to generate and solve models in under a week which show credible results. Further correlation work is underway to validate the models and results predicted. Keywords: MPS, e-machine thermal modelling, oil cooled e-machine, multi-phase flow.

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