Gear oil jet lubrication efficiency

Oscar Cuevas, GIMA Transmission Technology

Speech presented at the International CAE Conference and Exhibition 2019 - Particleworks European Users' Meeting

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In off-road and in-road vehicles, new developments look forward to improve the efficiency in order to reduce the CO2 emissions. About half of the total losses come from constant losses in the whole driveline.

By reducing the gear churning losses, important savings can be made by reducing oil level but for that we need to lubricate gears by oil jet. The difficulty is to determine what are the oil flow and oil jet location to lubricate and cool gear correctly according gear speed/power and design (macrogeometry). The target is to design the lubrication pipes with the lowest cost impact with good lubrication oil flow efficiency. We have analyzed one gear train in different conditions with Particlesworks to establish a rule which gives lubrication oil flow efficiency. That allows to compare oil pipes design and inlet oil flow to take decision for cost effective solution.

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