Case studies

Churning oil path optimization process development
Application of Moving Particle Simulation Method to Design Process

Chulmin Ahn, Hyundai Motor Group R&D Division, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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As demand of transmission efficiency goes higher, churning oil path and loss optimization is getting more important during the design stage.
However, CFD simulation not only takes long computing time but also needed dedicated mesh work for better simulation results. To design on time, bench tests have been preferred then simulation by engineers.

In this paper, Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method has applied to reduce computing time and remove mesh work. And Correlation with bench test has done on different gear speed and temperature to decide adequate particle size and simulation coefficients.
This made possible to:

(1) Development on time with optimized churning oil path and loss
(2) Minimize bench tests
(3) Access easy to design engineers.
As a result, we could make process with transmission of optimized oil flow during the design stage. And bench test shows successful result.

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