Free Flow Coolant Simulation in Electric Motors using Moving Particle Semi-Implicit (MPS) Method

Sebastian Jugelt, Development Engineer, System Development E-Traction, IAV GmbH

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For coolant flow simulations in electric motors, a new simulation technique was applied using the Moving Particle Semi-implicit (MPS) method.

This novel approach allows better prediction of free surface flow, spray, jet impingement or droplet behavior during an early design process. Furthermore, it is possible to calculate the local heat transfer coefficient (HTC) of the coolant flow. Since this calculation is based on an ordinary plane flow, improvements have been developed in comparison to experimental and analytical data. With that improved HTC correlation, a better evaluation of different motor cooling concepts is possible. Due to low model setup and simulation times, MPS is used by IAV during early design iterations to improve electric motor cooling systems and reduce prototype testing.

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