Refining the design of a spout for a laundry detergent
Particleworks enables fluid flow simulation combined with human-like behavior to improve product performance

Nobuhito Nakagawa and Taishi Nakamura, Lion Corporation | Akiko Kondoh, Prometech Software

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LION’s Container and Packaging Engineering Research Laboratories is responsible for designing and developing containers and packaging for all LION products and has used CAE simulation for over 30 years.

Their use of CAE is increasing year by year due to business acceleration and diversification. In the past, during conventional product development, the company used a 3D printer to make nearly 100 prototypes of a spout cap design, from which they chose the most suitable design.

This time, with the desire to more scientifically verify the designs, with Prometech’s cooperation, the company decided to use fluid dynamics simulation with Particleworks, in addition to the 3D printer experiments, for the design of the cap for the new HARETA brand, launched in 2018.

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