Oil lubricated bearing support analysis on electric generators with mesh-less CFD methods

Nicola Pretto, MarelliMotori | D. Pesenti and M. Galbiati, EnginSoft

Speech presented at the International CAE Conference and Exhibition 2019 - Particleworks European Users' Meeting

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In multibody complex dynamic systems it is often difficult to predict oil flow path and sometimes even impossible to simulate it with traditional CFD software.

This is a very important issue in the energy industry business, that is why Marelli Motori, a designer and manufacturer of electrical motors and generators since 1891, has tested Particleworks, an innovative mesh-less software based on the moving Particle Simulation (MPS Method). This paper analyses the oil lubricated bearing support on electric generators: using this software our engineers are able to simulate the oil flow path inside the machine and model large-scale equipment behaviour before a new product is put into production, increasing its efficiency and avoiding possible critical issues at a later stage.

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