Optimization of the Piston cooling oil jet using Particleworks with modeFRONTIER

David Percival, EnginSoft SpA | Rod Giles, Royal Enfield

Speech presented at the International CAE Conference and Exhibition 2019 - Particleworks European Users' Meeting

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CFD simulations traditionally have an incredibly long computational time especially for cases involving free surface flows and moving parts with complex motion.
Therefore, simulating the Piston cooling jet using traditional CFD would be impossible in a short time frame and simulation led design and design optimisation is totally unfeasible. However, by employing the MPS method with accelerated hardware, we are able to reduce the computational time to only 15 minutes and thus bring design optimization into the realms of feasibility. This case demonstrates how we are able to modify the design of the cooling jet to optimize the cooling effect of the oil on the Piston thus improving reliability and life time of the Engine. We will also explore the techniques that were used to connect modeFRONTIER to Particleworks.

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