Flexible stand-up pouch filling process analysis by Coupling Particle-Based CFD and Multi-Flexible Body Dynamics Simulation

Matteo Berlato, University of Trento

Newsletter EnginSoft Year 18 n°3


In this work, a flexible stand-up pouch filling process is modeled and simulated, focusing on the forming, fluid filling, and sealing stages. The objective of the project is the development of a robust methodology to simulate the behavior of free-surface fluids interacting with highly flexible moving boundaries. The problem is investigated by coupling two commercial simulation tools: Particleworks and RecurDyn. The first represents the fluid behavior by means of Particle-Based (MPS) CFD whereas the latter efficiently calculates the flexible pouch deformation performing a Multi-Flexible-Body Dynamics simulation. The two software are connected using a two-way coupling to obtain an accurate interaction between fluid and flexible boundaries. A real industrial application is studied considering different motion laws, motion ranges, materials, and identifying an ideal combination of these parameters.

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