Visualization of Oil Lubrication in the Transfer Case and the Transmission using Particleworks
Oil has various important roles in lubrication, cooling, buffering and air tightness, whereas it causes torque loss for its flow resistance

Toshiyuki Morimi, Prometech Software Inc.

Newsletter EnginSoft Year 14 n°2

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Univance Corporation is a vertically integrated company which specializes in the development, manufacture and assembly of automotive parts and units. They have been pursuing their unique technologies based on business’ units including all wheele drive, automotive parts,gearbox. Now they deal with functional components such as one-way clutches, AT/CVT components, transmission and engine gears, EV/HEV gearboxes, manual transmissions, and 4WD transfers cases.

In the product development department, they use CAD and CAE to support design process of all products. They generally use CATIA V5 as their standard CAD system and perform simulation by CAE tools including Particleworks by importing CAD models created in CATIA V5. The purposes of the simulation are, for example, prediction during the concept design stage, design validation before prototype testing, and analysis for quality improvement. Especially in the CAEgroup in charge of further analysis, a wide variety of simulation, such as linear-structural analysis, Particleworks for fluid analysis and RecurDyn for MBD (Multi Body Dynamics) coupling with Particleworks, is used as CAE.

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